Data Analytics & Metrics in the Nonprofit Sector

Data analytics and resultant metrics analysis are skillsets now being utilized and even required in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector at a rate and level of sophistication never before seen. Unlike the for-profit sector, metrics evaluation methodology in a mission-based environment is not always obvious nor agreed upon by stakeholders. In this class, you will discuss the research and practice methodologies related to nonprofit organization and program evaluation. We will explore a model for evaluation that includes both qualitative and quantitative benchmarks of success. Through the development of an intentional approach to data and analytics, students will learn how to assess service needs and determine the effectiveness and efficiency of individual program components or entire service systems within the nonprofit sector.

Ethics in the Nonprofit Sector

As mission-based organizations, nonprofits have unique considerations when applying ethical considerations to their daily work with staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, donors and the public at large. Ethics in any field incorporates considerations of trust, honesty, equity, transparency and disclosure. In the nonprofit sector, these values are under additional scrutiny due to the public trust on which the sector relies, as well as donor dollars. Beyond mere theory, this course will ground ethics considerations in real-world scenarios and help develop a framework for nonprofit and philanthropic professionals through which new and unique ethical dilemmas may be navigated.

Capstone Project

Capstone projects in the Nonprofit Management Program afford a group of students the opportunity to undertake complex, real-world, client-based projects for nonprofit organizations, supervised by a Nonprofit Management Program faculty member. Through the semester-long capstone project, students will experience the process of organizational assimilation and integration as they tackle a discrete management project of long or short-term benefit to the client organization. Larger theoretical and organizational issues that affect nonprofit managers and their relationships with other stakeholders, both internal and external, will also be discussed within the context of this project-based course.